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  • Tanya Smith: @LeoBloom I don’t have one yet. Still trying to figure out the best asset to trade
  • Leo Bloom: @TanyaSmith Gold, what’s yours?
  • Denise Mendes: @TanyaSmith McDonalds
  • Hanz Schulinger: @TanyaSmith BMW
  • Mikey Galambos: @TanyaSmith EUR/USD
  • Tanya Smith: What is everyone’s favorite asset to trade?
  • Niko Palanti: Happy trading everyone.
  • Casey Sotvaski: @JorgeLopez The American support number is +1-917-775-0317. They have a bunch of other numbers you can check here https://www.bosscapital.com/contact/
  • Stacey Kaplan: @JorgeLopez I am sure you can find it on the website
  • Jorge Lopez: Does anybody have the number for BC customer support?
  • Charlene Louis: @JoeySantino Good for you! Inbox me if you have any more trading suggestions.
  • Joey Santino: Won it!
  • Joey Santino: @charleneLouis I just called on gold for the 5 minute option. Could win $325.
  • Charlene Louis: Can anyone recommend me a good asset to trade at this exact moment?
  • Scott Davis: @JoshFisch Yea man, it’s 85% and for high yield options it can reach to 350%!!!
  • Josh Fisch: Does anyone know what’s the return on Boss Capital?
  • Josh Brown: @Steve Morrison I think most of them are free but it might depend on your account package. I know they offer free webinars all week long on occasions!
  • Steve Morrison: @JoshBrown are the live webinars free?
  • Josh Brown: The Live Trading Webinars on Boss capital are game-changing. If you want to succeed in binary options trading, these will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Oliver Craig: Boss Capital is the only legitimate site I have found that consistently offers options with returns of up to 85%, making my trades more valuable than ever.
  • Scott Davis: @RonAllen Agree, you haven’t traded binary options until you’ve traded on Boss Capital. They are simply the best.
  • Ron Allen: If you’re looking for major-player returns with a smaller, personalized feel, try Boss Capital. It is now the only binary options site I trade on.
  • Mia Newman: @JerryShape You should!!! Trust me, I am usually not good at this stuff but I profit almost every day.
  • Jerry Shape: @MiaNewman is it really that easy? Maybe I will give it a try?
  • Mia Newman: I literally make a profit of over $300 a week on Boss Capital… I can’t believe how easy it is!
  • Aaron Kaplan: @MaxMayer Good to hear man. I’ll take that into consideration when signing up.
  • Max Mayer: As someone who has been in the game a few years, I thought I had seen it all. But the level of customer service and educational materials on Boss Capital are just awesome. I didn’t think there was more for me to learn, but there was…and I did!
  • Tyler Crawford: Guys, I have been non-stop trading while on vacation. I downloaded the Boss Capital Android App before traveling. I made over $200 while sitting in the airport!
  • Carly Perry: Spoke to soon!! Just made $700! I will definitely continue to use these features.
  • Carly Perry: I love Boss Capital’s High Yield One Touch options but they can be difficult to manage. Still trying to profit from these!
  • Katherine Harris: Can’t wait to introduce all my friends to Boss Capital – this is the best binary options site I have ever traded on!
  • Sarah Berkley: @DanielPearson $185? I’d take that any day!
  • Daniel Pearson: Boss Capital is definitely one of my favorite binary options platforms. On my worst week of trading I still made $185.
  • George Fourkas: @SamMiller Really? Enough to quit your second job? Maybe I will start trading on the Boss Capital platform.
  • Sam Miller: Since I started trading on Boss Capital I’ve made enough money that I can quit my second and enjoy spending time with my family. Boss Capital actually is my miracle.
  • Josh Siroko: @ErinFurlong Awesome.
  • George Murray: @ErinFurlong I was also hesitant at first but I am so happy I started trading binary options on the Boss Capital platform. It is REALLY easy to use and my account manager has helped me every step of the way.
  • Erin Furlong: I am hesitant to try binary options, how is the Boss Capital platform?
  • Susan Parks: @NickMerrifield Yea Nick. The Boss Capital Trading Academy taught me the fundamentals of binary options. I learned so much, I definitely recommend it.
  • Nick Merrifield: The Boss Capital Trading Academy seems awesome. Has anyone ever taken a course?
  • Robert Johnson: @TylerCrawford What is the link for the app?
  • Tyler Crawford: Guys, I have been non-stop trading while on vacation. I downloaded the Boss Capital Android App before traveling. I made over $200 while sitting in the airport!
  • Olivia Roberts: Boss Capital is ridiculously easy to use. No downloads or fuss. I recommended this platform.
  • Joan Gonzalez: @KevinMatthews Way to go Kevin!
  • Kevin Matthews: I’ve used several major binary options platforms and Boss Capital is by far my favorite. I’ve made over $500 this week alone.
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